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Netherlands is no stranger to JT Foxx.

He has certainly been ten times to visit here and he is planning here provisionally every month to come back. Why? To coach entrepreneurs and give lectures.

JT Foxx is living proof that “the American dream” still exists. Foxx came at a young age in the USA and built in a short time a small empire. The 33-year-old entrepreneur has worldwide interests in real estate and businesses in Europe, USA, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.
That success is not blew him Foxx had themselves coaches. The knowledge he has acquired over the years, he now wants to share and transfer. For that reason, he travels halfway around the world with his own events. During these events, interested parties can sign up for a coaching program.

“Think American, Dutch trade ”

 Foxx like to get in our country. He is as it were a child at home – in 2004 was the first time. Why? “I admire the Dutch commercial spirit.” Dutch make good products. He is enthusiastic about the Dutch mentality less: “Sometimes I get the impression that people here save a lot of money to go as early as possible to retire.”

And he finds sin, because he has come to appreciate.’s Vision of Dutch in the past decade Foxx looks like Dutch entrepreneurs are more successful. Where it in his eyes here lacks is branding. “Dutch still feel uncomfortable when they talk about their own success and money. As if they are ashamed!” His advice is: “Do American, Dutch trade.

“Sales doubled in four months’’

Eric Bakker, director and owner of IQ Leads group decided last October to visit where JT Foxx also was one of the speakers an event. Bakker: “I’ve seen quite followed what seminars and coaches, but was really surprised by what JT Foxx performs In December 2013, I had seen him four times and every time he says something new!.”

Baker decided to follow one of Foxx’s companies. Coaching program Asked why precisely Foxx appeals to him, replied Bakker: “Dutch coaches are too educational Foxx is practical.”. Moreover, you can choose from a battery of coaches, whether it comes to time management, finance or Eric Bakker ….. “And it pays off: in four months. Has doubled IQ Leads sales.

11 tips JT Foxx

If you have any doubt or perhaps thinking another American guru. Here are 11 business tips from JT Foxx:
Promise-not-to-many / Liver-more-than-expected.
Put your customers in the first place and treat them as if they are good family.
Always offers value for money from your customers – WOW your customers.
On-wow can mean the end of your business.
Make your excuses when you make a mistake, do not. Ignore your customers
The customer must have an obsession for you.
Enter a phone itself when needed to solve a problem – no matter how busy you are or how important you consider YOURSELF too.
Your success is not measured by how much money you earn, but how successful your customers are.
Do regular survey your customers and care for ‘testimonials’.
Customers money to repay your business can be costly. Document refunds when necessary. Make sure your contracts are as clear as your expectations.
Understand that it is not feasible to make 100% of your customers happy, but be aware that the small percentage that ‘not happy’ is your business, or the abyss can help.

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