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What Celebrities, Tycoons & Clients Say About JT Foxx

“I just wanted to say to JT, that I'm a big admirer of his. There's a lot of people that talk about success, but he's the real deal.”

– Arnold Schwarzenegger
Famous Actor & Former Governor of California

“I’ve seen JT grow and improve over the years because he mastered what he does. He fills a gap, which is necessary, in that somebody who can train and be involved with middle entrepreneurs that haven’t yet reached their full potential. He’s attracted that group which I think is wonderful because he is very good at it.”

– George Ross
Executive VP & Senior Counsel, The Trump Organization

“What I love about JT is the excitement, the marketing, and the ability that he brings to a business situation. There is no substitute for the enthusiasm, drive and determination; and that’s the difference between highly successful people and successful people.”

– Hugh Hilton
Founder, CEO & Managing Director, A&M Capital Real Estate, LLC

“I don’t think I’ve talked to a more impressive and engaged audience. JT Foxx has captured the imagination of everyone.”

– Jack Welch
Former CEO of GE

“JT is a bright businessman because he understands that you first have to walk hand in hand and side by side with great people. Even at a very young age, he has been able to accumulate a solid conjury of wisdom, knowledge, and experience and apply it in business in ways that derive success.”

– Dr. Nido R Qubein
President, High Point University

“JT Foxx is the closest thing I have ever met to Steve Jobs”

– Steve Wozniak
Apple Co-Founder

“I think JT Foxx’s events are great and the results speak for themselves.”

– Eric Trump
VP, The Trump Organization

“One word for JT Foxx: Tornado. Success revolves around him and he takes your life and mixes it up just like a tornado. He makes you realize that you want so much more and that you are willing to fight for it. He’s a guy that attracts success and attracts energy, and attracts great people around him and it’s hard to find people like that. There aren’t that many people like that in the world, and I’m just honored that I’ve met on of them, JT Foxx”

– Wayne Allyn Root
Vice Presidential Nominee, Entrepreneur, Author, TV & Radio Personality

“JT Foxx has absolutely blown me away, he is a change maker. He has so much energy and value to add and I loved talking to him and being around him”

– Lori Taylor
Founder & CEO, Rev Media Marketing

“His enthusiasm for sharing his genius with others is what makes him the best at what he does. And if you are not striving to be the best then why bother. Jt is not a talker, but a do-er. And I am proud to call him a friend and to be a part of his movement”

– Kavita Channe
Sideline Reporter for Fox Sports



with JT Foxx

Family First Reunion: JT Foxx MBA

The JT Foxx M.B.A. is the newly developed sister event that is replacing Mega Partnering that was formerly held all over the world. The JT Foxx M.B.A, or as some are calling it the Family First Reunion, is the new must attend World Summit for business owners, entrepreneurs, real estate investors, start-ups and people who want to further their careers.

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Top 1 Experience

The Top 1% Experience is an exclusive experience that draws entrepreneurs from all over the world, allowing you to connect with JT’s top students and personal business associates. This One-Of-A-Kind event affords you direct access to JT’s inner circle all while spending three full days with him and other a-list speakers in his home!

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Empire Builder

"You May Have The Loftiest Goals, The Highest Ideals, The Noblest Dreams; But Remember This, Nothing Works Unless You Do." Dr. Nido Qubein
To create a legacy, and truly leave a lasting impact on the world you want to build an Empire. That is what true legendary entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, have done, and what JT Foxx is doing.

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