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Coaching, Mentoring and Consulting

JT Foxx is highly regarded as one of the Top Wealth Coaches in the world not because of his multiple successes in various industries, but because of the results he has achieved for his clients and students. JT and his highly qualified coaches are full-time entrepreneurs themselves and know that their legacy is dependent on your success.

Whether people are looking for coaching in Real Estate, Internet Marketing, or Business, JT and his team offer exactly the solution for you and your business. We will build a blueprint built around your needs, strengths and weaknesses. The coaching you will receive is not from a manual where everyone gets the same coaching by a third party call center in a boiler room. JT’s coaching program is strategic as well as tactical, not just transactional but transformational. Coaching from JT Foxx’s coaching program is very exclusive and it is results oriented.

Every student is assigned to an Accountability Coach who acts as a personal wealth concierge. Your Accountability Coach becomes the most important business person in your life. They are there to take care of all your issues & bottlenecks. They are your personal conduit to the personalized coach you are assigned to. This coach is assigned to you based on your profile. Everyone has different needs and goals; thus a coach is addressed to you based on those needs. In the end, your Accountability Coach is your accountability partner in your success. We are all involved in your success because we are all in this together.

JT’s philosophy is “if it’s good enough for him, then it is good for you.”

JT Foxx has 5 personal coaches that he uses for the growth of his own businesses and endeavors. JT never makes any decisions regarding his businesses unless he runs the idea by all of his coaches first. That is why he has made so few mistakes in building his businesses. A wise man learns from his mistakes while a genius learns from other people’s mistakes. Believing in that statement fully, JT often offers his personal coaches to his students when he feels they can help to take their lives and businesses to a higher level. JT’s philosophy is that “if it’s good enough for him then it is good for you”.

JT Foxx is so confident in his coaching program; he is willing to invest in your first session for FREE to see if you are the right fit. Though we do not invite everyone we meet into our coaching program, you can see what we are looking for and peak your curiosity on what the program entails. Either way, you have nothing to lose and there is no greater risk than not taking one. After entering your information below, feel free to review our written and video testimonials about the program. We guarantee you will be WOW’d.

JT Foxx Interviewed

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