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What People Are Saying About JT Foxx
Testimonials, “What I like about JT Foxx”
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people1 HomeThe JT FOXX organization is Top Notch

“I want to thank JT for the transformational turnaround coaching he did, on how I approached my business. It was incredible how JT, in less than 2.5 hours, came up with a completely new and consistent business model, branding and positioning. I felt the speed of his thinking!

JT clearly put me out of my comfort zone. He confronted me with everything I hung on to that was not beneficial for my further growth. JT introduced a new mindset, and even more importantly, showed me how to work better in today’s fast-changing economy.

JT’s style is direct and doesn’t cut corners. I like that about him. He’s radically honest and leaves no stone unturned. JT created branding that is totally international and local, online and offline. The way the pieces fit together is pure genius. No wonder JT is known as the best business coach in the world and a business genius.

This is an experience I feel is a cornerstone in my entrepreneurial career.

Thanks to JT for coming to Belgium, traveling and taking the time, effort, and dedication, to give his all in this beautiful co-creative experience.

JT, you’re the best!

— Cris W. Van Cleemput,
“The European Business Guru” Antwerp, Belgium


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people2 HomeYour business ethics are of the highest standard

“Dear JT,

Just a short note to express my heart felt thanks for your professional and ethical high quality services you have provided. On the scale of justice some people are morally and ethically bankrupt but you JT are on the other side of the scale. You are a person of both personal and business integrity.

JT your business ethics are of the highest standard. I am lucky to have you as a business associate and most importantly, a quality friend.”

— Bill Chew


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people3 Home…You have changed my life…

“JT Foxx has delivered on every thing he has ever said to me. I have been not only blessed by his teachings, but my life is changing because of what he teaches. He has returned every email and phone call personally. I am totally impressed by how important every student is to him. He truly cares about us as people. I am proud to call him my mentor and more importantly, my friend. Ill never stop learning now, you have changed my life, and more importantly, my family’s life. ”

— David Hard, Kentucky


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people4 HomeI am indebted

“JT Foxx has personally taken the time to assure my success. This man has taken time when he has none and listened to my concerns, complaints, needs, and my wants. It didnt stop there either. He then took the time to give me advice and help me change my direction. It took time; valuable time, for that, and I am indebted. ”

— Adam Banter, Manteno, IL


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people5 HomeI am personally grateful

“JT Foxx and the organization he has quickly and effectively created has changed my family’s future direction. JT has taken time to understand my personal and business goals by asking questions and humbly getting on my level. It is apparent and obvious that JT places the utmost importance and personal pride in MY SUCCESS! The legacy that he and his coaching staff are leaving behind is progressing forward at a stellar pace. I know that JT is available to me and my business at any time. The quality of people that JT surrounds himself with is staggering and inspiring. He has personally sacrificed relationships and friendships to create our relationship. I am personally grateful and will spread JT’s message like a virus my entire life.”

— Jonathan Lynas


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I felt like a family

“JT Foxx is an individual that has put forth other people’s needs before his own needs. Ever since I became part of his coaching program, I felt like a family. All my needs in Real Estate whether that be in Education, as an Advisor, or Consultant, has been met. He has changed my business mentality and my life. He has connected me with the most influential individuals to make me successful. I will forever remember the impact he has had in my life and still to this day, keeps changing my business and mentality.”

— Kathleen Calicdan


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JT Foxx Interviewed

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